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The art of Louise Jarmilowicz is the guidebook to an uncharted city of dreams, an enigmatic landscape where the esoteric and the ordinary mingle at the intersection of Arcane & Mundane. A world of lost innocence and forbidden knowledge, where Eros and Thanatos do a slow waltz to the sound of Esquivel, and Past, Present and Future are having a ménage à trois in the Uncanny Valley. These are scenic postcards from our unconcious interior landscape, as familiar as your nightmares, as mythic as a family reunion.

What The Children Saw is a collection of remarkable collages by Louise Jarmilowicz. Once known only to serious students of the occult, these uncanny and provocative images are now available to all. Warning: once seen, you can never unlearn the shocking knowledge contained therein! These images will change your life!

More about Louise Jarmilowicz here.




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Puzzled Squirrel Press is proud to announce that we have been honored with the prestigious “Certified” Award for Best in Excellence, Cartoons Division. This highly-coveted accolade is offered for outstanding achievements in the field of Excellence. So rarely is the prize bestowed, that this is believed to be the first and last time in the storied history of the prize that it has ever been granted, for any reason whatsoever. Puzzled Squirrel is delighted to accept this extraordinary distinction.

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AA riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, covered in cat hair, Canned Blondes is a collection of cartoons by Lee Binswanger. Most of the material within appeared in Womens Comix, and is collected here for the first time. With a foreword by legendary cartoonist and comics historian Trina Robbins.
Lee Binswanger is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work have been published in Drawn & Quarterly, The National Lampoon, Rip Off Press, Young Lust, Wimmin’s Comix, and other publications. An abstract painter when not working on comics, she lives in San Francisco.

“A shy woman finally gets the attention she seeks by sneezing nonstop. At a restaurant, flames emerging from a woman’s mouth burn the head off her boyfriend as she calmly asks for the check. Can you relate? I can.”
Trina Robbins


Canned Blondes is available from Amazon.com, and direct from the publisher here!
Canned Blondes is also available as an ebook from iBooks!

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Puzzled Squirrel Press is proud to announce the publication of NY2LA, a graphic novel by Wes Jenkins, in both eBook and pBook.
Buy a paperback copy now!
Or get the eBook edition! (iPad only.)

It was 1970, and Wes Jenkins went off to discover America, one random car ride at a time. Filled with a burning desire to explore the ideals of Woodstock Nation, experience the great bounty of diversity and freedom America has to offer, and maybe meet girls, Wes needed Truth, Justice and the American Way. Which is why, armed only with his thumb and a trusting disposition,he walked away from his aimless college existence, and hitchhiked from New York to Los Angeles. NY2LA is the epic true story of his journey through the American Heartland of the 70’s…the Golden Age of American Hitchhiking!

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