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Praise for Canned Blondes

Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen

Anyone who maintains a blog know that they attract spam, and plenty of it. This site does not allow comments of any kind, and if I do look at comments “awaiting moderation” it is a passing glance before deleting them. But occasionally, an email leaps out for it’s sheer uniqueness, and deserves to be noticed.

This particular message, directed to the page for Canned Blondes – The Art of Lee Binswanger caught my eye, because it has no links, generally the raison d’etre of spam, and because it is written in Japanese. It reads, in full:

絶対 書か 書かれた内容、選択的な情報。 。 “我々は道を遠く見ないよう、地球が丸いとしました。”カレンブリクセンによって.

Intrigued, I raan it through Google Translate, which coughed up this:

Written content written absolutely, selective information. “So that it does not look far on the road, we. Was that the Earth was round” by Karen Blixen.

So there you have it. Praise for Canned Blondes by noted (and deceased) author Karen Blixen!


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Canned Blondes For Amazon Kindle

CB-cover-thunbAlready available for the iBooks eBook platform, Canned Blondes – The Art of Lee Binswanger is now finally available to Amazon Kindle users. Optimized for the Kindle Fire HD format, it is designed to afford optimal viewing pleasure. Of course, those with a taste for the retro can also still get the amazing print edition, while supplies (and trees) last!

AA riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, covered in cat hair, Canned Blondes is a collection of cartoons by Lee Binswanger. Most of the material within appeared in Womens Comix, and is collected here for the first time. With a foreword by legendary cartoonist and comics historian Trina Robbins.

Lee Binswanger is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work have been published in Drawn & Quarterly, The National Lampoon, Rip Off Press, Young Lust, Wimmin’s Comix, and other publications. An abstract painter when not working on comics, she lives in San Francisco.


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New Squirrel, Same Great Books!

logosIntroducing the new Puzzled Squirrel logo, the third logo in as many years. It was designed for more modern design and greater legibility and clarity, combining the bold legibility of a strond condensed sans serif font with the cartoon goofiness of the “question mark in the squirrel’s tail” gag, which is so obvious it’s surprising it took us this long to use it. For comparison with the “Classic” (1) and “Logo Lite” (2) styles, see the handy guide at left. This is the third logo in as many years for Puzzled Squirrel, so you don’t like it, we’ll probably have another soon.

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From the author of the “Doodle-A-Day” comics series, and co-author of “Dorkus and the Affairs of Lord Willing” comes a new collection of cartoons, “Slap Happy Jenkins.” 174 full-color cartoons so wild, they’re guarenteed to drive you completely slap happy!

I’ve known Wes Jenkins for well over 30 years and when I say this is the greatest cartoonist I’ve ever met, obviously I haven’t met many cartoonists. But his stuff is brilliant and I think the guy is a genius. I just wouldn’t trust him with my car, kids, dog, or a matchbook. Please buy his book before he kills again.
Bobby Slayton/ Comedian/actor/author

Wes is one of the seventeen most interesting people I have ever met. His take on the world will make you laugh out loud. If I were you I would buy the book, fill your mouth with milk and then go to a 4th grade science fair and rent yourself out as a volcano.
Doug Kor – Commedian

Slap Happy Jenkins is wonderful stream-of-dada comix commentary from a veteran silly person and cartoonist! Wes Jenkins’ graphic guffaws are perfect for any devotee of the Kliban-Larson-Piraro school of inspired pictorial lunacy! HIGH-ly Recommended!
Dan Fogel, Hippy Comix & Stories, Underground Price & Grading Guide




Wes Jenkins has been an artist for 40 years but he still can’t draw a salary. He has been Creative Director of Lego Island, a writer for Radio Shorts, an Artist for Stanford University and clients from NASA to Zappa and all of the ports between. He currently lives in Austin TX.

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