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Abraham Lincoln was perhaps America’s Greatest President. But was the “Great Rail-Splitter” also a genuine side-splitter? Were his amusing yarns a clever way to disarm opponents with a smile – or the ramblings of a madman? This new edition of an historic classic answers those questions and more! Originally published in 1901, “Yarns & Stories of Abraham Lincoln” contains the stories Lincoln told, and the stories told about him. You will find out why it was that among Lincoln’s friends and colleagues, the most dreaded words he could utter were “That reminds me of a little story…


[pullquote]110 YEARS IN THE MAKING!
343 PAGES IN THE READING![/pullquote]

This handsomely-formatted ebook features an original cover design and many new illustrations by Norman Dog, noted author and cartoonist (“Bad Habits“, “The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die“), as well as over a hundred line illustrations and cartoons from the original edition! Mr. Dog also contributed a new introduction to put Lincoln’s humor into a modern context, for any who may be unfamiliar with his career.

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A peculiar comedy by Dave DeLuca and Wes Jenkins. Set in the heart of the Brutish Empire and the uncivil belly of Merika of the 1860’s, this is a bumpy tale of a twisted aristocrat, who is conducting sovereign-sanctioned ergot experiments on his entourage, who in turn are controlled by dark and fatuous forces. Dickens meets Jules Verne in Dada soaked Victoriana.

This exclusive eBook edition has been lovingly hand-crafted, using only the finest authentic Victorian-era pixels. Profusely illustrated and professionally punctuated, it will delight and astonish even the most jaded thrill seekers!

[pullquote]ENDLESS YARNS!

Praise for “Dorkus”:
“It’s quite risible. Bulldada of the highest – and lowest – variety. SubGenius from a parallel world of the absurd.”
Rev. IVAN STANG from the Church of the Subgenius

“Where do you find the time to do this? I don’t have the time. Where did you get the time?”
Wes’ next door neighbor

“I like the pictures and if I never read a book again, this would be on the top of my list.”
James H., Former professor at an Ivy League University that would rather not have their names mentioned in regards to a book called Dorkus


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About the authors:

Wes Jenkins
was raised by a pack of balloons and has been an imaginary cowboy since the 50’s. He was a Senior Producer/Creative Lead for LEGO Media International (LEGO Island), Graphic/A.D. for Stanford University, wrote for and performed at a local San Francisco comedy radio show, artist for the California Academy of Sciences, and has freelanced for Disney, NASA, PBS, and on and on. He has had a 40 year career as an Artist, Writer and Creative Director. He is now retired and happy.

Dave DeLuca
is a writer, artist, and musician living near Cleveland. He was the writer of a TV ‘rockumentary’ titled “John Lennon Remembered,” and an award-winning article in Cleveland Magazine titled “The Mad, Mad Daddy of Cleveland Radio.” He is the author of books, and radio and screenplays. He was a co-writer of Brainrot Radio Theatre on WCSB in Cleveland, and of numerous songs with Cleveland bands “The Chronics” and “The Clocks.” He can be heard on “The Hour of Slack” radio show.

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My name is Norman Dog, and my new book “I Made Millions Selling Ebooks (About How I Made Millions Selling Ebooks) And So Can YOU!” reveals the secrets of how you can make millions selling ebooks about selling ebooks, like me!

For centuries, publishing has been controlled by a shadowy unelected Wordocracy, who with their “literacy”, “standards” and “dictionaries” have locked out “Average Joes” like you and me from the life of wealth, power and adulation enjoyed by published authors. But now digital technology makes it possible for anyone to get rich publishing their very own ebooks! Why not join us!

Even if you’ve never published a book before – even if you’ve never read a book – you can learn the Secrets Of Publishing that the fat cats of “Big Book” don’t want you to know! Secrets like:

How to find plenty of ready-to-publish words (or as we pros call it, “content) on the internet – free! Let Wikipedia write your ebook for you!

How to use “Anti-Social Media” to monetize your relationships, and turn ‘friendship’ into hard cash!

Why Ben Franklin is the only self-publisher to be pictured on American money!

And much much more!

If you read only one book in your entire life, make it this one!

Praise for “I Made Millions Selling Ebooks
(About How I Made Millions Selling Ebooks)
And So Can YOU!”

“If they’d had computers back in my day I could have published an ebook. Those bloody stone tablets were heavy! Thank God for Norman Dog!

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Dr. Doofus isn’t a doctor, he just plays one in the comics. This comic strip is the story of Fred Clark, who plays the title character in a bad comic strip called “Dr. Doofus”. Watch as he grapples with success, failure, stardom, art, commerce, and bad jokes, in a soul-searing examination of the human experience that rivals Samuel Beckett for hilarity and Ernie Bushmiller for profundity. Originally serialized in the “East Bay Express”, it has been lovingly compiled and reformatted for this exclusive ebook edition.
[pullquote]Only $.99! Available for Kindle and Nook![/pullquote]

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