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Puzzled Squirrel Press is proud to announce the publication of NY2LA, a graphic novel by Wes Jenkins, in both eBook and pBook.
Buy a paperback copy now!
Or get the eBook edition! (iPad only.)

It was 1970, and Wes Jenkins went off to discover America, one random car ride at a time. Filled with a burning desire to explore the ideals of Woodstock Nation, experience the great bounty of diversity and freedom America has to offer, and maybe meet girls, Wes needed Truth, Justice and the American Way. Which is why, armed only with his thumb and a trusting disposition,he walked away from his aimless college existence, and hitchhiked from New York to Los Angeles. NY2LA is the epic true story of his journey through the American Heartland of the 70’s…the Golden Age of American Hitchhiking!

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1. Silly, trivial, or pretentious talk or writing; nonsense.
2. To talk or write (something) in a silly or pretentious way.
3. A collection of cartoons, stories, adages, illustrations and lies by Norman Dog.

Available Now from iBooks!

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Norman Dog is America’s Most Beloved Cartoonist™, author of Bad Habits, The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, and Dr. Doofus. Creator of the weekly comic strip Bad Habits, his work has appeared in Raw Magazine, Spin Magazine, Nickelodeon, The Nation, The Utne Reader, Anarchy Comix, Weirdo, Funny Times. The Chicago Reader, and many other publications. He is the author of cartoon collections Bad Habits, The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, Dr. Doofus, and Twaddle.

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We’d like to apologize for the confusing headline, which seems to suggest that you might read The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, the astounding cartoon collection by Norman Dog, before you die again – that is, after some previous death. This is of course impossible. What we mean, of course, is that you should read it again, before you die. I apologize for any confusion.
And if you’ve never read “The 37 Cartoons,” (and have an iPad) this is your chance to read them again for the very first time! This cartoon classic (now with a new cover) has been reformatted, remixed and optimized for the iBooks format.

Get it exclusively from iTunes!

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From Charles Godfrey Leland, renowned author of “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches“, “Leather Work, A Practical Manual for Learners” and “Flaxius, or Leaves from the Life of an Immortal” comes this, his magnum opus – “Have You A Strong Will?,” available EXCLUSIVELY for the incredible Amazon Kindle ereader machine!
With this amazing book you will learn to:
Discipline your Will, Improve your Memory, Discover Forethought, The Mighty Power Latent in all Minds, Control your Impulses and avoid Procrastination, Develop your Intuition!, Master Telepathy, Refine your Moral and Spiritual Character, Learn the Power of “Self-Fascination”, and much much more!


Charles Godfrey Leland

Charles Godfrey Leland

Author, folklorist, linguist an philosopher, Charles Godfrey Leland crams a lifetime of scholarship and wisdom into “Have You A Strong Will?” now finally available for the book in it’s original, unexpurgated form. Featuring many NEW illustrations, and annotated with an essay on the remarkable life and career of Mr. Leland. NOTE: Unlike “The Mystic Will,” an unauthorized version of this book that was re-edited and published after Leland’s death, this edition includes the long-suppressed chapter “On the Power of the Mind to master disordered Feelings by sheer Determination. As Set forth by Immanuel Kant in a letter to Hufeland.” This is the complete, unexpurgated text of the book as CGL intended it to be read. Accept no substitutes!

Hand-crafted for maximum ebook enjoyment!


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