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From Charles Godfrey Leland, renowned author of “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches“, “Leather Work, A Practical Manual for Learners” and “Flaxius, or Leaves from the Life of an Immortal” comes this, his magnum opus – “Have You A Strong Will?,” available EXCLUSIVELY for the incredible Amazon Kindle ereader machine!
With this amazing book you will learn to:
Discipline your Will, Improve your Memory, Discover Forethought, The Mighty Power Latent in all Minds, Control your Impulses and avoid Procrastination, Develop your Intuition!, Master Telepathy, Refine your Moral and Spiritual Character, Learn the Power of “Self-Fascination”, and much much more!


Charles Godfrey Leland

Charles Godfrey Leland

Author, folklorist, linguist an philosopher, Charles Godfrey Leland crams a lifetime of scholarship and wisdom into “Have You A Strong Will?” now finally available for the book in it’s original, unexpurgated form. Featuring many NEW illustrations, and annotated with an essay on the remarkable life and career of Mr. Leland. NOTE: Unlike “The Mystic Will,” an unauthorized version of this book that was re-edited and published after Leland’s death, this edition includes the long-suppressed chapter “On the Power of the Mind to master disordered Feelings by sheer Determination. As Set forth by Immanuel Kant in a letter to Hufeland.” This is the complete, unexpurgated text of the book as CGL intended it to be read. Accept no substitutes!

Hand-crafted for maximum ebook enjoyment!


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My name is Norman Dog, and my new book “I Made Millions Selling Ebooks (About How I Made Millions Selling Ebooks) And So Can YOU!” reveals the secrets of how you can make millions selling ebooks about selling ebooks, like me!

For centuries, publishing has been controlled by a shadowy unelected Wordocracy, who with their “literacy”, “standards” and “dictionaries” have locked out “Average Joes” like you and me from the life of wealth, power and adulation enjoyed by published authors. But now digital technology makes it possible for anyone to get rich publishing their very own ebooks! Why not join us!

Even if you’ve never published a book before – even if you’ve never read a book – you can learn the Secrets Of Publishing that the fat cats of “Big Book” don’t want you to know! Secrets like:

How to find plenty of ready-to-publish words (or as we pros call it, “content) on the internet – free! Let Wikipedia write your ebook for you!

How to use “Anti-Social Media” to monetize your relationships, and turn ‘friendship’ into hard cash!

Why Ben Franklin is the only self-publisher to be pictured on American money!

And much much more!

If you read only one book in your entire life, make it this one!

Praise for “I Made Millions Selling Ebooks
(About How I Made Millions Selling Ebooks)
And So Can YOU!”

“If they’d had computers back in my day I could have published an ebook. Those bloody stone tablets were heavy! Thank God for Norman Dog!

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Practical Lessons In Hypnotism

Practical Lessons In Hypnotism by William Wesley Clark, A.M., M.D. is a must-read for anyone interested in gaining power and influence, entertaining friends, and achieving World Domination.

Originally published in 1901, it is still to date the finest book on the subject of hypnotic suggestion ever published by Puzzled Squirrel Press.

Topics covered in the book include: Which Races make the Best Subjects, Hypnotizing Animals, Magnetic Healing, Hypnotic Anesthesia, Criminal Hypnotism, Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Mind-reading, Controlling Employees, and much more!

This exclusive ebook edition also includes fascinating and instructive photo-illustrations by renowned graphic artist Norman Dog, who also contributes a new and seemingly pointless preface.

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As with all Puzzled Squirrel editions, this exclusive edition can be yours for only $2.99!

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