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From the author of the “Doodle-A-Day” comics series, and co-author of “Dorkus and the Affairs of Lord Willing” comes a new collection of cartoons, “Slap Happy Jenkins.” 174 full-color cartoons so wild, they’re guarenteed to drive you completely slap happy!

I’ve known Wes Jenkins for well over 30 years and when I say this is the greatest cartoonist I’ve ever met, obviously I haven’t met many cartoonists. But his stuff is brilliant and I think the guy is a genius. I just wouldn’t trust him with my car, kids, dog, or a matchbook. Please buy his book before he kills again.
Bobby Slayton/ Comedian/actor/author

Wes is one of the seventeen most interesting people I have ever met. His take on the world will make you laugh out loud. If I were you I would buy the book, fill your mouth with milk and then go to a 4th grade science fair and rent yourself out as a volcano.
Doug Kor – Commedian

Slap Happy Jenkins is wonderful stream-of-dada comix commentary from a veteran silly person and cartoonist! Wes Jenkins’ graphic guffaws are perfect for any devotee of the Kliban-Larson-Piraro school of inspired pictorial lunacy! HIGH-ly Recommended!
Dan Fogel, Hippy Comix & Stories, Underground Price & Grading Guide




Wes Jenkins has been an artist for 40 years but he still can’t draw a salary. He has been Creative Director of Lego Island, a writer for Radio Shorts, an Artist for Stanford University and clients from NASA to Zappa and all of the ports between. He currently lives in Austin TX.

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Puzzled Squirrel Press is proud to announce the publication of NY2LA, a graphic novel by Wes Jenkins, in both eBook and pBook.
Buy a paperback copy now!
Or get the eBook edition! (iPad only.)

It was 1970, and Wes Jenkins went off to discover America, one random car ride at a time. Filled with a burning desire to explore the ideals of Woodstock Nation, experience the great bounty of diversity and freedom America has to offer, and maybe meet girls, Wes needed Truth, Justice and the American Way. Which is why, armed only with his thumb and a trusting disposition,he walked away from his aimless college existence, and hitchhiked from New York to Los Angeles. NY2LA is the epic true story of his journey through the American Heartland of the 70’s…the Golden Age of American Hitchhiking!

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1. Silly, trivial, or pretentious talk or writing; nonsense.
2. To talk or write (something) in a silly or pretentious way.
3. A collection of cartoons, stories, adages, illustrations and lies by Norman Dog.

Available Now from iBooks!

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Norman Dog is America’s Most Beloved Cartoonist™, author of Bad Habits, The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, and Dr. Doofus. Creator of the weekly comic strip Bad Habits, his work has appeared in Raw Magazine, Spin Magazine, Nickelodeon, The Nation, The Utne Reader, Anarchy Comix, Weirdo, Funny Times. The Chicago Reader, and many other publications. He is the author of cartoon collections Bad Habits, The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, Dr. Doofus, and Twaddle.

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We’d like to apologize for the confusing headline, which seems to suggest that you might read The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die, the astounding cartoon collection by Norman Dog, before you die again – that is, after some previous death. This is of course impossible. What we mean, of course, is that you should read it again, before you die. I apologize for any confusion.
And if you’ve never read “The 37 Cartoons,” (and have an iPad) this is your chance to read them again for the very first time! This cartoon classic (now with a new cover) has been reformatted, remixed and optimized for the iBooks format.

Get it exclusively from iTunes!

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