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Bad Habits 29th Anniversary Edition

29 years ago, more or less, a collection of cartoons from the weekly feature Bad Habits was published, to the world’s general indifference. Now you can enjoy it all over again, for the very first time! Relive those halcyon days of yesteryear, the ’80s!

At the peak of its renown, Bad Habits appeared in a handful of weeklies, including the Chicago Reader, San Diego City Paper, Washington City Paper, Baltimore City Paper, Phoenix New Times, The Stranger, as well as the East Bay Express and many other weeklies. Spin Magazine reprinted them for a year or so, a few appeared in RAW,and handful of strips were printed in Weirdo. If any of that made sense, this is the book for you!

Featuring such hallmarks of “New Wave” cartooning as:

  • “Ironic” art style
  • “Snarky” attitude
  • No set format or characters, just a personal “take” on life
  • Published in “Alternative” weeklies
  • Brutal over-use of “scare quotes”

(Read full introduction here!)

Specially formatted to enhance the eBook reading experience!

Jon Doe

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