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  • Slap Happy jenkins, by Wes Jenkins

    Slap Happy jenkins, by Wes Jenkins From Wes Jenkins, author of the "Doodle-A-Day" comics series, and co-author of "Dorkus and the Affairs of Lord Willing" comes a new collection of cartoons, "Slap Happy Jenkins." Cartoons so wild, they're guaranteed to drive you completely slap happy!

  • What The Children Saw by Louise Jarmilowicz

    What The Children Saw by Louise Jarmilowicz Once known only to serious students of the occult, these uncanny and provocative images are now available to all. Warning: once seen, you can never unlearn the shocking knowledge contained therein! These images will change your life!

  • N2LA by Wes Jenkins

    N2LA by Wes Jenkins It was 1970, and Wes Jenkins went off to discover America, one random car ride at a time. Now read the amazing more-or-less true life story in this graphic novel.

  • Canned Blondes by Lee Binswanger

    Canned Blondes by Lee Binswanger Canned Blondes is the first collection of cartoons by Lee Binswanger, whose work has been published in Drawn & Quarterly, The National Lampoon, Rip Off Press, Young Lust, Wimmin's Comix, and other publications. With a foreword by Trina Robbins.

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